The collective product of Danzan Arts training is profound confidence... your absolute belief in yourself and your abilities. The benefits of this empowerment are greater health, longevity, happiness and peace.

Training is completed in 4 phases or “transmissions.”


The Danzan Arts methodology employs principles and skills commonly associated with:

Traditional Japanese Jujitsu
Tai Chi and Qigong
Kali & Escrima
Hawaiian Lua
Judo Seifukujitsu
Hatha Yoga

In concert with the ancient wisdom of China, Japan and Hawai'i.

Level One- Ekahi

White Belt thru Blue


To train and discipline the body‐mind to increase:

  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Flexibility
  • Posture
  • Timing

Provide a basic level of self‐defensibility.

Training Tools:
  • Yoga & balance drills
  • Tai Sabaki (stance and footwork)
  • Sutemi Waza (rolls and falls)
  • Yawara (capture & release methods)
  • Filipino hand and stick drills
  • Goshin Jitsu (street defense)
  • Ne waza (grappling methods)


Increased flexibility, coordination and stamina.
Solid foundational skills for advanced Danzan Ryu Jujitsu

Level Two- Elua

Purple Belt thru 2nd degree brown


Understanding of concepts and strategies surrounding:

⁃ Non‐resistance
⁃ Effortlessness
⁃ Yin & Yang

⁃ Circulation
⁃ Pain/Stress
⁃ Systems

⁃ Concentration
⁃ Kiai
⁃ Power

Training Tools (in addition to Level One):

• Qigong (internal cultivation)
• Shime te (constrictions and submissions)
• Nage waza (throwing methods)
• Oku te (combinations)
• Kappo (resuscitations)
• Randori (controlled sparing)
• Shiatsu (pressure points)


• Begin to work with focused energy.
• Ability to demonstrate fundamental jujitsu waza
• Increased skill in all kata
• Willingness to help out (Kokua)

Level Three- Ekolu

1st degree brown thru 2nd degree black


Experience and comprehend the subtle aspects of the Danzan Arts

  • Mana (personal power)
  • Shibui (effertlessness)
  • Aloha (appreciation & non‐judgment)
  • Shin (true nature)

Training Tools:

  • Kiai no maki (scroll of the unified force)
  • Shinnin (Beyond the Illusion)
  • Shinyo (Supreme Confidence)
  • Shugyo (Purifying training)
  • Lomilomi massage
  • Assistant instructorship


  • Command of the Danzan Kata
  • Seriousness and focus
  • Commitment, power and authority
  • Effective teaching/communication skills

Level Four- Eha

Sandan thru Shihan


  • To comprehend the nature of experience by increasing time spent in alignment (body‐mind, thinking‐mind, spirit‐mind).
  • To become an effective healer and counselor to all those in need.
  • To experience the arts from a higher awareness.
  • To become a teacher of teachers.

Training Tools:

  • Meditation
  • Weapons training
  • Qigong
  • Seifukujitsu
  • Hai pule
  • Shingen
  • Healing
  • Teaching


  • Martial Mastery
  • Shamanic healing
  • Master teacher
  • Happiness, Joy, Health, Compassion, Peace