Like Nothing Else.

Prof. Tom Ball named AJJF Sr. Prof

The following was announced by the AJJF board of directors last week:

The American Judo & Jujitsu Federation Board of Professors announces the succession of the title ‘Sr. Professor’ upon the passing of our esteemed leader, Sr. Professor Lamar Fisher, Judan.

The successor is:  SR. PROFESSOR TOM BALL, KUDAN.

The AJJF BOP further created a Sr. Professor’s Council. Two additional Professors will serve as advisors to the Sr. Professor.
The advisors are:
Professor John Congistre, Kudan
Professor Jane Carr, Hachidan

PROFESSOR HENRY S. OKAZAKI  proclaimed the advancement of Danzan Ryu through the ‘credo of the gentle way’.

Following the tradition of our Founding Fathers and preceding Professors, Sr. Professor Tom Ball will fulfill Professor Okazaki’s dream realizing:
“Leadership is the influence of others in a productive vision-driven direction and is done through the example, conviction and character of the leader”.

What does this mean to you?

The senior professor role in the AJJF is much like the Pope in Catholosism... meaning, while it is still a committee, the general direction of the BOD, and the AJJF, is lead by the final decisions of the Sr. Professor. Decisions on the Ryu (family style) and the policies therein. Our Sr. Professor is a living model of the system.