Like Nothing Else.

Why attend seminars and camps?

Several of us attended a seminar in Santa Monica last weekend hosted by Sensei Hillary Kaplowitz and Pacific Jujitsukai. The Saturday class was open to all ranks and went from 10am to 6pm. Professor Robert Hudson flew in from AZ and Sensei Jeff Penner and Keith Thompson came down from northern CA to teach.

When you get out of your home dojo and participate in events like this you are benefited in many ways. From the lead instructor all the way down to the Uke you worked out with, practicing DZR with new people will broaden your understanding of what you are doing and give you valuable insight into how to do it better.

Also, seeing other DZR students from different backgrounds gives you a sense of community that you don't really get if you never get out. We have a special group and a special art. The people you meet are more similar to you than you might think. There have been many great and long lasting friendships that started at events like this.

The work you do in the dojo should be consistent. You need consistency in training to establish the skills you need to have. But getting out to these types of classes will stretch you in your thinking and ability and help you to make new leaps in your martial and healing arts.

On top of that, its fun and the food's not bad either.

Your next event is Camp South in December. This is a mountain retreat for a weekend. Once you go you will be hooked! check the upcoming events board for info.