Like Nothing Else.

Judo versus Rock band

A lot of folks look at the notion of kata (pre arranged forms) in JJ training and see it as an "unrealistic" scenario for learning how to fight, be it in the ring or in the bar. In DZR, and in all old school martial arts, kata is the very key to mastery of an art. It is the slow and purposeful training of you body-mind to learn to react spontaneously and effectively.

"Let it Happen" on the articles page for more insight into kata and the mind.

If you wanted to become a musician, not a garage band rock star, but an actual musician capable of picking up an instrument and playing along with someone else, you would expect to first master the fundamentals. In martial arts, the fundamentals are called kata.

If you practice kata with variables, such as different forms of resistance, than you end up adapting and improvising. This is waza. Waza is important as a training tool once you have mastered your basics.

is the basics.

Our western expectations of martial arts training seems to be very different from the traditional eastern. We tend to want it quick, easy and tailored to our culture. Understandable when you consider how we want our medicine as well. But the real deal can't be done quick or easy.

Thats the benefit of learning a traditional art, they were designed to create "musicians"... not "guitar heros."