Hawaiian-Style Jujitsu

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Burbank Danzan Dojo teaches Professor Okazaki's Hawaiian-style Jujitsu.

Burbank Jujitsu students learn comprehensive martial arts skills such as striking, kicking, escaping, joint locking, trapping, throwing, grappling, weapon disarms and applications (stick, knife, gun, staff, sword, cord and others) as well as mental/spiritual preparedness.

Traditional Jiujitsu is a Japanese strategy of combat, relying on skill and technique rather than strength and aggression. Along with traditional Jiujitsu, Professor Okazaki incorporated the Chinese Kenpo, Hawaiian Lua and Filipino Eskrima he studied in the islands. The result is a unique blend of Asian-Hawaiian fighting skills that makes for outstanding personal-defense.
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Mastering the Danzan ryu (style) demands focused, slow and purposeful practice... cultivating both control and precision.

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