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Camp South

3 days 2 nights all inclusive retreat featuring the best of Danzan Ryu. Please go to the web site and take the tour.

All ranks!! classes for everyone.

Registration can be done online at my web site at

Dates: November 30th December 1st and 2nd 2012. As you know we always have camp the first weekend in December. I know November 30th showed up but it is still the first weekend in December for those who are a bit confused:)!

Cost: $200.00...$15.00 more then last year. Promises to be a much better value!

Starts Friday after dinner and goes to Sunday around lunch time as in previous years. More details to follow your registration.

Here is the web site of the camp.... why we picked it? Looks cool does it not?! They have directions on their site.

Really looking forward to seeing you and I will mail to the BB list soon as well to encourage all to come.