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Winter Registration is now open

New Green belt

Congratulations to Landon Toma for taking and passing his Green belt exam!

New Purple Belt

Congratulations to John Byers and Ray Scholl for taking and passing their Purple belt exam!

New Yellow Belts

Congratulations to our newest Yellow belters, Loa Allebach and Joshua Gillins !

New Yellow Belt

Congratulations to our newest Yellow belter, Reuben Ripley!

New Yellow Belts

Big congratulations to Asgarrd and Fred for passing their Yellow belt exams and for showing that nothing can stop the right attitude. Read More...

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New Yellow belt

Congratulations to Lyndon Apacible in passing his Yellow belt exam. Read More...

New Rokyu

Mark Freeman was promoted to Rokyu (green belt) on Aug 19th, congratulations from the dojo for your effort and commitment.

New Gokyu

Steve Dominguez was promoted to Gokyu (Purple belt) on 8-19-2010. The Burbank Danzan Dojo congratulates his achievement and recognizes his commitment.

New Yellow belt

Vic Vanvacore was awarded his Yellow belt 8-17-10. Congratulations!

New Blue Belts

Congratulations Luis Orta and Ray Scholl on their promotion to Blue belt.

New Yellow Belts

Congratulations to Carolyn Mejia and Andrew Brown in their promotion to Yellow belt.

New Blue belts

Congratulations to John Byers, Noah Juknavorian, Rogrigo Bautista and Roy Kokoyachuk for their successful promotion to blue belt 6-1-10.

New Purple belt

Congratulations to Landon Toma for his promotion to Purple belt 6-1-10.

New Nikyu

Congratulations Dr. John Simic, Ulf Buddensieck (April tests) and Igor Kulikov for their promotion to the rank of NIkyu. Their on going advancement in the art of Danzan ryu is a result of effort and committment.

Field trip to Suiho-en Garden

Our Danzan class had the opportunity to visit the Japanese arts festival held at the Suiho-en garden in Van Nuys... see some photos. Read More...

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If you are not going to be training this quarter please let me know.

Judo-Jujitsu  Two Nights/week

Judo-Jujitsu  One Night/week

Shodan Promotion

Congratulations Minh for passing your Shodan exams.

Congratulations new Yellow belts

Congrats to Mike Cardan, John Byers, Patrick Fowler, Joey Huynh and Ray Scholl for taking and passing their Yellow belt exam.

Minh passes Shodan

Newest Burbank Danzan Dojo Yudansha!! Minh Truong.

No Class Thursday, Jan 14th

There will be no class Thursday the 14th due to regional black belt promotions in Santa Clarita. Please make sure to attend the following Wednesday, the 20th, for our own and for guest instructors.