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Igor promoted to Shodan

Congratulations Igor on your promotion to Shodan and your national AJJF certification!

See pictures here.

New Blue Belt

Congratulations Mara for taking and passing your Danzan Blue belt exam . Read More...

New Yellow Belts

Congratulations to Mara Holbrook and Sasha Wilfred and .... Read More...

New Sankyu (3rd Brown)

Congratulations to Landon Toma on his promotion to Sankyu. Landed passed his exam March 14th.

New Yellow belt

Congratulations to Eric Graham on his promotion to Yellow belt.

Spring Registration

One night  Judo-Jujitsu

Two nights Judo-Jujitsu

If you plan to attend 3 nights per week sign up for both.

New Blue Belt

Congratulations to Joshua Gillins on his promotion to Blue belt! Read More...