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Latests tests and promotions

Congrats Chelsea DeVincent

Chelsea DeVincent has successfully completed her AJJF Nidan requirements and testing at Camp South in Dec 2019.


Congratulations to the following students on their latest promotions.

Ray Scholl to Ikkyu
Joshua Gillins to Nikyu
Richard Kalzonyi to Green belt
Jess Galicianao to Purple belt
Chelsea DeVincent to Purple belt
Jeff Stillion to Blue belt
John Reneaud to Blue belt
Rob Dubon to Yellow belt

These students have worked very hard in their respective chapters of the Danzan Arts and we salute them. Maikai no haumana!!

New Promotions

Congratulations to our new belters:

To Blue- Richard Kaszonyi
To Green- Joshua Gillins

New Blue Belt

Congratulations Mara for taking and passing your Danzan Blue belt exam . Read More...

New Yellow Belts

Congratulations to Mara Holbrook and Sasha Wilfred and .... Read More...

New Sankyu (3rd Brown)

Congratulations to Landon Toma on his promotion to Sankyu. Landed passed his exam March 14th.

New Yellow belt

Congratulations to Eric Graham on his promotion to Yellow belt.

New Blue Belt

Congratulations to Joshua Gillins on his promotion to Blue belt! Read More...

New Green belt

Congratulations to Landon Toma for taking and passing his Green belt exam!

New Purple Belt

Congratulations to John Byers and Ray Scholl for taking and passing their Purple belt exam!

New Yellow Belts

Congratulations to our newest Yellow belters, Loa Allebach and Joshua Gillins !

New Yellow Belt

Congratulations to our newest Yellow belter, Reuben Ripley!

New Yellow Belts

Big congratulations to Asgarrd and Fred for passing their Yellow belt exams and for showing that nothing can stop the right attitude. Read More...

New Yellow belt

Congratulations to Lyndon Apacible in passing his Yellow belt exam. Read More...

New Rokyu

Mark Freeman was promoted to Rokyu (green belt) on Aug 19th, congratulations from the dojo for your effort and commitment.

New Gokyu

Steve Dominguez was promoted to Gokyu (Purple belt) on 8-19-2010. The Burbank Danzan Dojo congratulates his achievement and recognizes his commitment.

New Yellow belt

Vic Vanvacore was awarded his Yellow belt 8-17-10. Congratulations!

New Blue Belts

Congratulations Luis Orta and Ray Scholl on their promotion to Blue belt.

New Yellow Belts

Congratulations to Carolyn Mejia and Andrew Brown in their promotion to Yellow belt.

New Blue belts

Congratulations to John Byers, Noah Juknavorian, Rogrigo Bautista and Roy Kokoyachuk for their successful promotion to blue belt 6-1-10.

New Purple belt

Congratulations to Landon Toma for his promotion to Purple belt 6-1-10.

New Nikyu

Congratulations Dr. John Simic, Ulf Buddensieck (April tests) and Igor Kulikov for their promotion to the rank of NIkyu. Their on going advancement in the art of Danzan ryu is a result of effort and committment.

Shodan Promotion

Congratulations Minh for passing your Shodan exams.

Congratulations new Yellow belts

Congrats to Mike Cardan, John Byers, Patrick Fowler, Joey Huynh and Ray Scholl for taking and passing their Yellow belt exam.

Minh passes Shodan

Newest Burbank Danzan Dojo Yudansha!! Minh Truong.

Congratulations Luis Orta

Luis Passed his Yellow belt test on 12-2. Very nice job!

Congratulations Minh Truong

Congratulations to Minh for passing his Ikkyu (1st brown belt) test 10/31.

Congratulations Ed and David

Ed Palafox and David Kurihara passed their Blue belt exams 10/23.

Congratulations Igor Kulikov

Igor was promoted to Sankyu (3rd brown

Congratulations Landon Toma

Landon took and passed his examination for Blue Belt in Mid August. Sorry for the late post!

Congratulations new yellow belts

Congratulations Ben Bell, Joaquin Piedrahita and Rodrigo Bautista! Welcome to Nage!

Congratulations new Yellow Belts

Please join me in congratulating:

Nicole Thompson
Thy Nguyen
Landon Toma
David Kurihara
Ed Palafax

Sensei Brian passes Nidan test

Congratulations Edwin Fajardo

Congratulations Minh Truong

Congratulations Andy Brohard

Yellow belts

New blue belts