Danzan Healing Workshop

Learn basic massage and healing techniques handed down with the Danzan system.

Danzan 911

  • Situational Awareness & Violence Evasion (SAVE)

  • Identify the essential elements of a potentially dangerous situation early enough to extract yourself without resorting to violence.
  • Develop those skills that help you avoid accidentally being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  • Develop “verbal judo” skills that can neutralize and dissolve potential violence.
  • Develop adapted jujitsu skills that are high percentage under stress and appropriate to the threat.

Class includes:
  • 60% Lecture and study guide

Mauna Lani dojo workout

Join us for an intense assent to our dojo in the clouds. Located in the hills of Burbank, your journey will take you up 2500 vertical feet and take about 2.25 hours to complete. Once there we work our drills in the "happo no sabaki"… if you make it.

Danzan Sticks

Logo-girlsmDevelop competency in a variety of bo (stick) weapons ranging from the 8" Yawara stick to the 6' bo. Each class wlll focus on two lengths of wepons skills.

Yawara stick (8")
Escrima stick (27")
Hanbo (36")
Bo (72")

Lady's Yawara

smUshiro-Katate-ToriThis program is especially designed for women and focuses on escapes, small joint locks and vital point striking.

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