Kokua Kuleana

The Danzan Dojo empowers students via a leadership (Alaka'i) program that awards title and recognition for service and responsibility (Kuleana).

System hierarchy:
Haumana (Apprentice)-- White belt thru Green belt
Alaka'i (Group Leader)-- Brown Belts (brown Kukui lei)
Haumana Sensei (Student teacher)-- First degree black (Black Kukui lei)
Dojo Sensei (Instructor)-- Second degree black (Black/White Kukui lei)
Kumu Danzan (Source of knowledge)-- Third degree and above (White Kukui)

With minimum rank of Sandan and the inception of his or her own school, the Danzan Kumu is awarded the title of "Kahu" (Headmaster).

The term "kuleana" means both title and responsibility. With this title comes responsibilities to the dojo: To head up a service position to the dojo, I.e equipment, events, special projects, testing etc. as well as to mentor a junior student.

The mentorship program is designed to link the junior students with the senior. It adds another dynamic to the student-dojo relationship and allows for greater numbers in the dojo with no loss in communication or attention. A student is assigned an Alaka'i upon his or her promotion to blue belt.